The health and wellness trend that’s sweeping the college and university market is about more than just better-for-you foods.

It also includes healthier beverages.

Students manage full course loads, participate in clubs, play on sports teams, and get involved in the community. In some cases, they also maintain part-time or full-time jobs.

Students are more active now than ever, with classes, sports, clubs, parties, the gym, and…. oh yea, relaxing and unwinding. But with everything else nowadays being mobile, so can a healthy meal.

Not that we are saying we can replace any one’s favorite Sunday dinner spot, or that we have discovered a way to fill the void that is a 20 something stomach, but that Güdpod drink will be much better, and faster than a gas station burrito. We understand the importance of offering flexible meal options while maintaining convenience and sustainability. Engineered to improve the learning environment with the right nutrition fuels that go beyond the traditional dining programs.

We offer Plant-based products and supplements that are gluten-free, rich in protein and many other essential nutrients. The right nutrition fuels learning. Güdpod technology blends nutrition, convenience, and simplicity to meet and exceed the expectations of the healthy, tech-savvy, always-connected students. Our Pods are designed in such a way that they help reduce food and energy waste and are 100% recyclable. Güdpod products align with your processes that are in place that promote sustainability, like recycling programs.