From gyms to home health and long term care institutions,
Güdpod technology is engineered with your clients,
employees or guests in mind.



Güdpod technology for offices. Güdpod technology is the new innovative way to improve the evolving Workplace Health and Wellness Culture. Workers are eating better, restaurants are cleaning better, and waste processes are becoming effortless. Güdpod offers products to meet your palate, sustainability strategies and big innovations that fuel the future of corporate food culture.

Home Healthcare & Senior Living

At Güdpod we recognize the right supplements can assist healing. Our system of nutrition management lets you tailor your pods to limitless options depending on your personal treatment, medical and nutritional needs, and personal preferences. When our loved ones lose their appetites, it is exactly that, they are lost. so endless attempts to offer “whole” food fail, leaving both parties frustrated and scared.

Children's Health

Güdpod knows that growing kids need a balanced diet. We provide creative choices that offer simple, fun, and tasty options even for the pickiest eaters. How we help.
Water – All our products can be mixed with water. Water is essential to your child’s health and is needed to keep all parts of the body functioning properly.

Educational Institutions

The health and wellness trend that’s sweeping the college and university market is about more than just better-for-you foods. It also includes healthier beverages. Students manage full course loads, participate in clubs, play on sports teams, and get involved in the community. In some cases, they also maintain part-time or full-time jobs.

Fitness Clubs

Whether you are looking for a new revenue stream for your fitness business or looking for a way to improve your fitness membership retention, Güdpod is the clear choice for a Simple, Easy and Clean Health and Wellness Beverage Menu. Even with all the newest machines, most committed trainers, and state of the art facilities, have no replacement for high-class amenities.

Golf & Country Clubs

Güdpod provides safe, easy and fast healthy functional beverage offerings for your golfers looking to fuel their body on the golf course that is essential to playing their best golf. In order to perform their best Güdpod enables you to offer numerous healthy functional beverages by eliminating the spikes and drops that come with sugar that can cause mood, energy, and scoring issues.

Hotels & Hospitality

Güdpod Technology is helping the hospitality industry more than ever with wellness-focused guests. As the wellness movement flourishes and wellness gifts become more prevalent, the bar has been raised to incorporate healthy food options along with beauty and relaxation products. With these new challenges, the struggle is real, in assembling products and gifts to show you really care about your clients.

Restaurants & Cafes

Güdpod Health and Wellness Beverages are a great way to satisfy customers who crave a refreshing and nutritious snack or meal. Adding a Güdpod is relatively inexpensive—as its requirements are minimal. Especially great for attracting health-conscious customers. Güdpod Partner Products can supplement your menu or be your main offering.

Pop-up Events & Festivals

In the midst of never-before-imagined circumstances, venues have an opportunity to set a positive course for the next normal. By embracing new ways to live our lives, we can reimagine what is possible. Güdpod Health and Wellness Beverages are a great way to satisfy customers who crave a refreshing and nutritious snack or meal.