Güdpod provides safe, easy and fast healthy functional beverage offerings for your golfers looking to fuel their body on the golf course that is essential to playing their best golf. In order to perform their best Güdpod enables you to offer numerous healthy functional beverages by eliminating the spikes and drops that come with sugar that can cause mood, energy, and scoring issues. Güdpod products are aimed at high-level golf performance including the heart- and brain-healthy fats. Güdpod offers several nutritional ingredients like fats, and protein, that help us to feel satisfied and full for 18 holes of strenuous golf. After an evening round, you can offer several healthy functional beverages that help refuel your customer’s body and brain with select nourishing Güdpod Partner Products.

Güdpod helps your customers eat like the pros by providing more than just protein, carbs, and fats. Our Partner Products also include key vitamins and minerals, unlock the power of their food, and keep them on the course rather than in bed with a cold. Güdpod gives their body the nutrition it craves through exclusive Güdpod Healthy Functional Beverages that also benefits them by making gains in their game. When elite golfers make the connection between food and their performance, they gain an undeniable edge.

Güdpod machines are affordable, take less than a minute to make a healthy functional beverage and Güdpod offers numerous snack replacement, energy infused functional beverages and superfood functional beverages. After using the Güdpod mixing system they do not have to clean the moving mechanical structures from consecutive usages of one pod to another, nor do they need to worry about cross-contamination of any material contained within one pod to another. The pod is one-time use and is 100% recyclable.