At Güdpod we recognize the right supplements can assist healing. Our system of nutrition management lets you tailor your pods to limitless options depending on your personal treatment, medical and nutritional needs, and personal preferences. When our loved ones lose their appetites, it is exactly that, they are lost. so endless attempts to offer “whole” food fail, leaving both parties frustrated and scared. Worried about the calories and nutrients needed to live an active lifestyle. When caregivers use Güdpod products it can give peace of mind to the family to know that their meals are being supplemented with the best nutrition they can get.

At Güdpod we can help your residents with full liquid diet options when they are preparing for a test or medical procedure, recovering from a surgery, or having difficulty swallowing or chewing. We have options for breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and evening snacks.

“Smoothies are one way to get the nutrients your body uses to fight the disease and handle the effects of treatment. Smoothies are a good option if your treatment gives you side effects. Smoothies are also cold, which can soothe a sore mouth and throat. If you’re just too tired to eat, or you don’t have an appetite, drinking your calories may be an easy alternative.

From: Smoothie Tips for People With Cancer WebMD Medical Reference”