Güdpod Technology is helping the hospitality industry more than ever with wellness-focused guests.

As the wellness movement flourishes and wellness gifts become more prevalent, the bar has been raised to incorporate healthy food options along with beauty and relaxation products. With these new challenges, the struggle is real, in assembling products and gifts to show you really care about your clients. Güdpod can offer your guests a fresh approach to wellness that aims to bring balance to those who live fast and play hard with our beverage menus focused on optimal nutrition.

Güdpod Wellness Products are already at the forefront of innovation with their blending technology, so it would not be a stretch to say we understand that feeling healthy is not just limited to the super-models or pro athletes but everyone across all demographics of guests everywhere. With Güdpod Wellness Products you can know that you did your best to provide an exceptional, metamorphic stay.

With our diverse partner brands, we look forward to working with the Hotel and Hospitality industry. Together we can embrace the challenge of continuously surprising and delighting guests with new ways to achieve health and well-being during their travels, inspiring them to choose your hotels again and again.

Güdpod machines are affordable, take less than a minute to make a healthy functional beverage and Güdpod offers numerous snack replacement, energy infused protein shakes and superfood functional beverages. After using the Güdpod mixing system they do not have to clean the moving mechanical structures from consecutive usages of one pod to another, nor do they need to worry about cross-contamination of any material contained within one pod to another. The pod is one-time use and is 100% recyclable.