Güdpod Licensing Opportunities for Meaningful Brands

Güdpod Licensing is offered to work with Meaningful Brands to offer new and existing Health and Wellness, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical products that are meaningful, personal, and authentic.

After years of relative stability in our grocery shopping habits and retail landscape, the fundamentals of what, where and how we buy are being redefined.

Güdpod recognizes that the digital influence on today’s shoppers’ journey is profound – digital media is shaping buying decisions and creating new paths to purchase. The ultimate test for brands E-commerce is on the rise. ‘Essential’ is seen as the catalyst for e-commerce growth.

What is clear is that dietary supplements have proven to be not only recession proof, but also pandemic proof. What also is clear behaviors are changing including “washing your hands, staying in/working from home, and using hand sanitizer. Güdpod Technology can offer your brand and products a truly unique opportunity that works within the proactive self-care trend and helps brands meet the demands of consumers that have rapidly shifted their behaviors.

Güdpod Technology enables brands to offer their customers an experience that is safe by avoiding cross contamination as the Güdpod beverage mixing system does not physically interface with any part of our pods. Accordingly the user of the Güdpod mixing system does not have to clean the moving mechanical structures from consecutive usages of one pod to another, nor need to worry about cross-contamination of any material contained within none pod to another. The pod is a one-time use and is 100% recyclable.

From owning the aisle to owning the ecommerce consumer Güdpod helps Licensees by working with our Partners in designing a meaningful digital engagement approach through our complete understanding and expertise in targeting the digitally influenced shopper

Combining Güdpods Technology, Digital Expertise, and our Data we provide endless opportunities to build a stronger connection between your brand and products with the consumer. By working with Güdpod’s wide range of Influencers we are able to engage daily with consumers that is continuously providing Licensee’s real-time knowledge that genuinely adds value.

If your company has started to invest in a direct-to-consumer sales channel as part of their existing channel mix Güdpod Data and our single serve technology offers unlimited potential while decreasing the dependency on third parties when it comes to sales or to get closer to the consumer and learn from their online behaviours.

Güdpod single serve pods will provide brands a shift from being a product manufacturer to a facilitator of more direct and value adding interactions with consumers with three simple steps. 1. Select your favorite pairing liquid (water, almond milk, soy, or coconut milk etc.), 2. Select your Branded Pod 3. Press play and in less than 60 seconds you have provided a product that will clearly demonstrate you intimately know and understand your consumers by listening to what matters most to them, understanding their motivations, and responding honestly and consistently to build trust.

Güdpod Licensee’s have the opportunity to target consumers that have a new set of value drivers, one that is more intrinsically linked to their core values and beliefs. Traditional drivers such as price, taste and convenience remain important in their buying decisions, but new evolving drivers such as social impact, health and wellness, safety and experience have emerged to the forefront. Güdpod Functional Beverage Pods offer a significant opportunity for Licensees to leverage these values in their brand proposition and to find common ground to connect with the consumer. How? Our products have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of the consumer and the environment. Health and Wellness is a highly sensitive category; imagine the power that could be unlocked as your brand offers Authentic, Consistent, Simple, Quick, Healthy and Safe options that will truly engage your customers on shared values.

The digital age is opening up new and exciting opportunities. With an endless set of possibilities comes the need to process and to make clear choices with only one aim in mind – how to become truly helpful and meaningful to the consumer. Consumer data is at the heart of meaningful engagements, aiding the enablement of personalised messages, offers and services. Licensees have access to our Influencers from around the world in multiple Health and Wellness categories. From cycling to yoga, and from bodybuilding to swimming Güdpod has the ability to target your Brands Single Serve Launch and on-going Campaigns broadly our in personalised messages.

Licensing with Güdpod and offering your Branded Products shows consumers you connect deeply on shared values and become truly meaningful to the consumer in moments that matter, even after a pandemic. When you do, the consumers will remain loyal.

If you feel that you can emulate our brand messages of fast, simple, effective, and nutritional functional beverages from recyclable pods, with a contactless delivery system then we want you to apply for our team!

As part of the Güdpod team you can be eligible for many different opportunities up to and including discounts and commission. Not only do we offer discounts for you but your followers as well. Contact us to learn more about these opportunities.

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