In the midst of never-before-imagined circumstances, venues have an opportunity to set a positive course for the next normal. By embracing new ways to live our lives, we can reimagine what is possible. Güdpod Health and Wellness Beverages are a great way to satisfy customers who crave a refreshing and nutritious snack or meal. Adding a Güdpod is relatively inexpensive—as its requirements are minimal. Especially great for attracting health-conscious customers.

With the ability to tailor your selection of pods you can ensure the safety and well-being of your guests, with extra calcium and magnesium for dehydration, or a BERRY BEET BURST (TM) for a fast energy boost to keep the party going.

Güdpod machines are affordable and take less than a minute to make a healthy functional beverage. This quick and easy technology allows for quick set up and take down, making pop-up events and festivals the perfect place for people to try out the machine and many unique flavors. Anyone can buy a functional beverage and easily carry on shopping and enjoying the events. Güdpod offers numerous snack replacement, energy-infused protein shakes and superfood functional beverages. After using the Güdpod mixing system they do not have to clean the moving mechanical structures from consecutive usages of one pod to another, nor do they need to worry about cross-contamination of any material contained within one pod to another. The pod is one-time use and is 100% recyclable.