A Void In The Market

We knew beverage mixing systems existed for mixing powder and water. Blenders as we know them to have significant drawbacks when it comes to consistency, cross-contamination, and contactless beverage making. We also knew there were other beverage mixing systems that use plastic pod and hot water. Others are designed exclusively for cocktails. All of these systems have obvious limitations when it comes to healthy beverages.


What Güdpod was interested in was creating a technology that is safer, faster, and clean with pods that are 100% recyclable. We designed Güdpod to support the advent of complex formulations in drinkable products of today and for the future. Our 700 RPM blend speed reduces our mixing time to less than 60 seconds and reduced lumps to improve product taste.

Knowing that certain nutraceutical beverages can include pharmaceuticals, Güdpod was designed to prevent contamination and to safely offer contactless experiences. The Güdpod 1,2,3 process offers consumers of all ages and fitness levels to get fresh healthy beverages, with the focus being on contactless, no cross-contamination, and consistent flavored health drinks every time in under 60 seconds.

Today Güdpod and our Partners offer numerous drinkable products such as sports drinks, protein smoothies, energy drinks, nutraceuticals, and organic healthy beverages. However, with the increased popularity of Sport and Healthy Living Güdpod will continue to align with world-class Partners to provide nutraceutical and other healthy beverages economically.

We are continuously working with Pharmaceutical Leaders who are investing in the improvement and expansion in their packing, manufacturing, and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products of licensed drugs through our convenient Pods. Engineered to fulfill patients differing requirements safely, quickly, and efficiently with Güdpods single-use 100% recyclable Pod. Together we will be able to provide a high level of quality and ability to safely offer Prescriptions without cross-contamination. Güdpod technologies will assist and strengthen our Partners market position in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors whether it be at home or in a healthcare facility.